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Physical Therapy in Queens NY treats variety of health conditions which include fractures, stroke, joint replacements, back and neck problems. Sports injuries can also be treated here. These physical therapy clinics help the patient on the wide variety of rehabilitative needs, provides the patient with complete initial assessment where dedicated and sincere staffs work with each patient to identify and develop a specific care planning. The physical therapy clinics not only help patient regain their active self but also through the effective guidelines provided to them, they are able to minimize their potentiality to develop their functional capability and thus boost up their energy level.

Queens Physical Therapy treats health conditions and diseases with Outpatient Physical Therapy. The physical therapy clinics treat conditions like Cervical pain, Joint pain, Brain Injuries, Low back pain,  Lymphedenia  , Neurological disorders, neuropathy and Parkinson’s disease, Spinal cord injuries, Tendon repairs, Upper and Lower body pain or injuries and many more. Treatment of conditions by the usages of Ultrasound, Paraffin, electrical stimulation, balance training, therapeutic exercise, Gait and Stair training, Neurological re-education, Vestibular rehabilitation etc is done here. Every patient is treated properly by the clinician to develop a specific plan of care.

There are several physical therapy centers in Queens NY, among them few are listed below

  • Gemini Physical Therapy   –  Auburndale, Flushing
    46611 Holler’s  Court
  • Millennium Physical Therapy – Astoria,30-63
    Cong Island City, NY 11103
  • Complete Physical Therapy – 138-78,Queens blue, NY 11431
  • Amicable World                    – 8217 153 AVC Suite 205, Howard Beach
    NY 11414 (718)374-3917

Physical Therapy Health Services have been Remitting Therapy services to the patient suffering from long lasting diseases. These physical therapy clinics diagnose diseases; the diagnostic categories involve Cardiac, Neurological, Orthopedic and Sport Injuries. They also diagnose Knee pain, Ankle Sprains, Muscle Strain, Golfer’s Elbow, Radiculopathy, Jumper’s Knee, Ligament- Pains, Plantar Fasciitis, Balance Disturbances and many such diseases. 6 months’ free check-up appointments are also offered to the past patients.
Physical Therapy Services have many advantages in an individual’s life. Through physical Therapy, Pain treatment can be fulfilled. These physical therapy clinics include treatment by healing and preventing injuries and physical disabilities. Through these specialized clinics one would meet their respective physical needs. Each person may respond and be reactive to different things.
Physical Therapy Services also help an individual notice the transition from one-to-one supervision by the therapist to an exercise program at Home performed by the respective individual himself.  Through this home exercise program the patient’s recovery is guaranteed and acquiring benefits is certain.