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To all our patients,

We want to let our patients know that your health is our primary concern. Therefore, we have taken the appropriate steps to protect the safety of you, all patients and our staff.

1. MASKS must be worn at all times upon entering and until you depart our office.

2. Please use hand sanitizer or go to the bathroom to wash your hands prior to beginning your session and upon leaving.

3. Your temperature will be taken immediately upon your arrival.

4. Please ask the front desk if the COVID questionnaire was filled out by you (every patient must complete one).

5. All equipment that has been in contact with you will be cleaned with Lysol wipes and sanitized by our staff including tables.

6. All lines will be washed after use.

7. In conjunction with continuous cleaning throughout the day, a cleaning crew has been hired and will be coming in once a week to sanitize the entire office.

If you have any questions, concerns or any other ideas that will help our office, please feel free to speak to our office manager (Diana) or owner (Robert). We understand our patients concerns and are making every effort possible to ensure everyone’s safety during these times.


The OrthoFlex Team